When the Next Big Engine Will Be The Internet of Things

The Internet has been at the center of many technological revolutions in recent years, from the invention of the internet to the growth of ubiquitous computing platforms like smartphones and Google Glass.These technologies have spurred a new wave of research and development, fueled by the desire for new ways to connect people and things.For example, […]

How to get your business on the go

Engineering degrees aren’t always enough to build a business.For many startups, the job requirements aren’t in the least bit different than those of the average high school student.But that doesn’t mean that you can’t apply engineering degrees to help you get the most out of your business.The job-seekers in this article have all had at […]

Engineers working in oil & gas, gas pipeline construction jobs at top schools earn more than engineers working in other fields

Engineers working at the world’s most prestigious engineering schools earn on average $200,000 more than other engineers working at similar universities, according to a study released Wednesday.The report from the Institute for Research in Advanced Studies at Carnegie Mellon University found that the average engineering job pays $150,000 per year more than the median salary […]

The best-selling turbocharged, turbocharged petrol engine in history – the 350

A 350-horsepower petrol engine with a six-cylinder turbo-diesel engine has been built by Ford and the first turbocharged diesel engines have been introduced in Britain for the first time in decades.The Ford engine, which has a six cylinder and six-speed supercharged diesel, has been developed to meet the new regulations for the British market, which […]

Which of the five GE engines are the most expensive?

The Tata Powertrain (TPG) Group is building its latest diesel engines in India with a focus on lower emissions.TPG plans to build 10 engines at its plant in Goa with a price tag of about Rs 100 crore ($1.1 billion).In terms of powertrain components, TPG is looking at eight-cylinder diesel engines, eight- and 16-cylinders and […]

Why you should stop using Windows 10 and adopt Microsoft Edge, Microsoft’s Edge browser

Posted October 11, 2018 11:30:00 When Microsoft announced Edge, it said it was the fastest and most secure web browser on the planet.That was back in March.Since then, the company has rolled out some of its most ambitious web experiences ever, including the introduction of Cortana, a virtual assistant that can search, speak, and play […]