Gasoline engine maker says production will continue despite emissions crisis

Gasoline and diesel engines are making a comeback, but the problem is that there are still a lot of emissions.Now, the biggest companies in the oil and gas business say they will not produce engines in the U.S. again.The problem: emissions are rising faster than the economy.It’s hard to find a large company that is […]

‘Worst job ever’: NHL hockey player pleads guilty to cybersex crimes

The NHL is investigating a player’s criminal cybersex charges after a player pleaded guilty to one count of making a child under the age of 18 available for sexual purposes.The players name has not been released, but the criminal complaint alleges the players computer network, which was located in his home, had been used to […]

How to Fix Chevy Engine Cleaner’s Cracks

Chevy’s engine cleaner, known as Engine Cleaners, has a number of flaws that can damage your engine.Here are some things to know about the engine cleaner’s crack and cracks.1.Chevy engine cleaner doesn’t work like other engine cleaners, it doesn’t remove oil or gas, and it won’t solve the problem of cracking engine heads.2.If your engine […]

How a small company built a wind farm that now produces energy for hundreds of thousands of homes

A small company building a wind energy farm has built a business that makes power generation more cost effective than ever before.The project, which has a target capacity of 100 megawatts, will be funded by the Government’s Renewable Energy Target and has been designed to generate enough electricity to power up to 3,000 homes.The project’s […]

“The world’s first commercial engine”

The world’s only commercial engine, a commercial electric motor designed by Google, is about to go into production. The company has just unveiled its new engine in New York, and it will have a maximum power of 1,500 kilowatts and an energy density of 1.2 kilowatt-hours per kilogram, making it the largest electric motor ever built.The […]

How to Build an Engineering Design Process for an Rotary Engine

Developer experience is not just about making things work, it’s about taking things apart and building something great.That’s the key takeaway of a new paper published in the journal Software Engineering Design Review.This paper lays out a new methodology for engineering designers that uses a combination of data and simulation to determine which aspects of […]