Google’s new Game Engine for Linux will be released in 2018

Google announced the next version of its Game Engine, which will be a Linux-based game engine that can run on any Linux operating system.It will also include the latest version of the open source game engine Unity.The next version will be the next iteration of the Unity game engine, which has become the go-to game […]

‘You will find my wife and I’ on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is offering a new way to search for job candidates, but some are asking whether that will be enough to fill the job gap.Read more here. Posted by The IT News Team on Monday, August 10, 2018 16:59:23Read more about: Business News Topics:job-seekers,jobs-and-tasks,industry,business-economics-and/or-finance,information-and-“encyclopedia”,tech-and–technology,business,technology-and%E2%80%99s-news,united-kingdom