The best-selling turbocharged, turbocharged petrol engine in history – the 350

A 350-horsepower petrol engine with a six-cylinder turbo-diesel engine has been built by Ford and the first turbocharged diesel engines have been introduced in Britain for the first time in decades.The Ford engine, which has a six cylinder and six-speed supercharged diesel, has been developed to meet the new regulations for the British market, which […]

‘Worst job ever’: NHL hockey player pleads guilty to cybersex crimes

The NHL is investigating a player’s criminal cybersex charges after a player pleaded guilty to one count of making a child under the age of 18 available for sexual purposes.The players name has not been released, but the criminal complaint alleges the players computer network, which was located in his home, had been used to […]

How to reverse engineer a car engine

Engineering engineer and author Johan Lehmann explains how to reverse engineering a car’s engine.It’s an important skill that you’ll need to master if you want to compete in the auto industry.The BBC’s technology correspondent Steve Rosenberg explains how it is performed in this episode.Watch the programme from 7:15 to 9:30 GMT on Radio 4, or […]