‘We were so disappointed’: Ex-automated engineer slams ‘stunning’ design

Automation engineer Jason Leitner has slammed the “stunning” design of the new Stirling engine.Leitner worked on the McLaren MP4-12C for five years.“It’s stunning,” he told ESPNCricInfo.“I had to get out of the office to get a drink of water because I was having so much fun.”When I saw that they had a different approach, I […]

How to turn a power system into a drone, according to one SpaceX engineer

The SpaceX engineering career site has a couple of interesting announcements today.One of the announcements has to do with how SpaceX engineers can use their engineering skills to fly drones.A recent article in Wired has suggested that SpaceX is testing out an unmanned drone that can use its onboard solar panels to turn the power […]