A global IT industry’s top job market for software engineers

Engineers have a huge number of options.They can work in software engineering and/or other positions that require a degree.But there are a lot of different types of engineering jobs in the IT industry.In fact, it’s so hard to find a good candidate that there are fewer positions for IT engineers.That means a lot more engineers […]

How to define social engineering and how to identify a social engineer

It is difficult to say if the term “social engineering” has gained traction, but according to the Social Engineering Definition Guide, published by the International Social Engineering Research Center, it is gaining popularity, especially among professional social engineers.“Social engineering” is a term coined in the 1980s to describe the ability of a person to convince […]

How to make $1.6 million per year in aerospace engineering and engineering career

The Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Management (AEMEM) program offers a wide range of engineering and management positions, from engineer to astronaut.For more than two decades, AEMEM has attracted engineers and scientists from across the globe to study aerospace engineering in one of the most competitive jobs in the world.But in a move that could have […]

How to build an electric car in a matter of days

Byron M. Young, a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and colleagues have developed a new way to design a vehicle that uses electrical power to drive a wheel. The work, published in the journal Nature Communications, demonstrates the feasibility of an electric vehicle that can be driven at low speeds, like a bicycle, […]

Former electrical engineer earns $85,000 as president of the Palestinian Authority

The Palestinian Authority president, Mahmoud Abbas, has been awarded $85 million in a presidential salary by the Palestinian National Fund (PNF) on Monday, the first such award for a Palestinian president.Abbas, a former engineer, was elected in 2009 on a platform of promoting economic development and development of the “Palestinian economy”.He was also the first […]

Why do you need to use the right job title when you’re hiring for nuclear engineers?

The average salary for an engineering job is about $65,000 in the United States, according to a report by the nonprofit think tank Center for American Progress.The median wage in India is about half that.That’s a lot of money for a job that requires only basic knowledge and skills.But in India, the minimum wage is […]