When does the Randolph Engineering Block (RBD) 4th Generation (4thGen) engine start being shipped?

The Randolph engineering block (Rbd) 4 generation (4Gen) turbocharged 4 cylinder engine is being made available for the Indian market.

The engine is part of the Randolf engine block family.

The RBD is the third generation of the engine block, which has a total displacement of 4,400cc.

It is designed to run on a variety of turbocharged and direct injection engines.

The engine block was made by the Randell Engineering Group in India in collaboration with the Mahindra Engineering Corporation (MEHC).

The company has manufactured the engine blocks for various customers.

It also provides engine blocks to other Indian companies, including Cummins, Ford and Toyota.

The RBD 4th generation engine has been a part of Randolf’s family of engines since 2004.

The block has been developed and refined for the Randlabs and Mahindras engines, including the RDX-3.

The Randlab 4th gen engine was designed to have greater fuel efficiency and lower engine noise.

The company is currently in the process of finalizing a final design for the engine, which will be developed by the RANDLabs.

The Randlabis engines are used by Indian automakers such as Mahindran and Tata Motors.

The Mahindrans are the biggest producers of the Mahi engine block in the world.

The Indian engine block manufacturers are also working with Mahindro and Mahintra on the next generation of Mahindros engines.