Renault confirms a full overhaul of its engines, but details scarce

Renault has confirmed it is revamping its engines to reduce emissions.

Key points:Renault has confirmed plans to change the way it operates its enginesRenault is looking to develop a new generation of plug-in hybridsRenault and BMW have been working on plug-ins for more than a decade, with the two companies jointly developing the electric Audi Q7.

The electric plug-In hybrid is now being developed by BMW and Audi, but the technology is not yet ready for production.

The move follows the announcement in May that Renault was entering a joint venture with Nissan on the development of electric plug ins.

Renault says it will be looking to bring plug- In hybrids to market by 2021.

But the development is far from complete.

The Renault-Nissan joint venture is expected to see a range of models, including a plug-IN electric vehicle.

The new Renault engine will also be fitted with new technology to improve the vehicle’s range and energy efficiency, the company has confirmed.

Renaults new engine will be developed by a joint development team with BMW and Nissan, it says.

Renal is also set to introduce the Renault-Renault hybrid to the public.

However, Renault is not the only car maker to look at plug- in hybrids.

Toyota has also introduced a range-extended version of its Prius hybrid.

A similar range-exceeding hybrid vehicle is also being developed in China by an investment group.

Renault also has a long history of plug in hybrids, having developed the Renault Clio in 2003.

The company was bought by Toyota in 2007 and has since been involved in developing a range extender car called the Clio X.