When the Next Big Engine Will Be The Internet of Things

The Internet has been at the center of many technological revolutions in recent years, from the invention of the internet to the growth of ubiquitous computing platforms like smartphones and Google Glass.These technologies have spurred a new wave of research and development, fueled by the desire for new ways to connect people and things.For example, […]

Renault confirms a full overhaul of its engines, but details scarce

Renault has confirmed it is revamping its engines to reduce emissions.Key points:Renault has confirmed plans to change the way it operates its enginesRenault is looking to develop a new generation of plug-in hybridsRenault and BMW have been working on plug-ins for more than a decade, with the two companies jointly developing the electric Audi Q7.The […]

Google’s new Game Engine for Linux will be released in 2018

Google announced the next version of its Game Engine, which will be a Linux-based game engine that can run on any Linux operating system.It will also include the latest version of the open source game engine Unity.The next version will be the next iteration of the Unity game engine, which has become the go-to game […]