Why are you guys so mad at us?

FOX Sports is bringing back its weekly NFL football show, The V10, to its flagship FOX Sports GO app.

The show is set to return in 2018.

V10 is a live-action animated series that premiered on Fox in March of 2017, with the animated series returning to FOX for its 10th season.

The VFL franchise has been airing on FOX since 2016, and the series is currently airing on Fox Sports 1.

The series features NFL player Adrian Peterson, who was the first player to play in the NFL after the NFL’s new “PED” testing program, in the lead role of Adrian.

Peterson is one of many NFL players who have been suspended or retired from the league over a variety of issues.

The VFL is the only NFL team to be played on the FOX Sports platform.

While NFL players have been banned from the NFL for life following a number of positive drug tests, Peterson was not one of them.

Peterson was only the first NFL player to test positive to performance-enhancing drugs in the history of the league.