The best-selling turbocharged, turbocharged petrol engine in history – the 350

A 350-horsepower petrol engine with a six-cylinder turbo-diesel engine has been built by Ford and the first turbocharged diesel engines have been introduced in Britain for the first time in decades.

The Ford engine, which has a six cylinder and six-speed supercharged diesel, has been developed to meet the new regulations for the British market, which require a diesel engine with maximum power of 500 horsepower and a maximum torque of 320 lb-ft (230 Nm).

“This engine will have the most powerful output we have ever seen in a petrol engine, and it will have a very similar torque curve to the Ford engine,” said John Kelly, Ford’s chief engineer for fuel efficiency, at the British manufacturer’s London factory.

“We have got the best-performing, most fuel-efficient, fuel-efficiency turbo-electric engines in the world.”

The 350 engine is a six.1-litre, turbo-charged engine with twin valves per cylinder, two heads, two carburetors and a six litre overhead camshaft.

It has a maximum power rating of 447 horsepower and the torque of 310 lb-ton (170 Nm), with the diesel engine getting a maximum output of 450 horsepower.

Ford says the 350 will be available in 2018, and the engine will be offered in a variety of fuel systems, including diesel and petrol.

“The Ford 350 engine has already proven its mettle, with a record of performance and fuel economy,” said Kelly.

“This is an exciting opportunity to give our customers a choice in the diesel and turbo diesel engines, so that they can enjoy the benefits of diesel while getting the performance and reliability of petrol.”

The company says that the 350 engine will not be competing against the Chevrolet Bolt, which is also the engine of choice for the Ford Focus, but will compete with the Chevrolet Volt.

“We look forward to providing the Ford 350 and other Ford engines with even more fuel efficiency and performance in the years ahead,” said Ford’s vice president of electric vehicles, Scott Lutz.

“This new engine will enable us to deliver more fuel-saving, fuel efficiency improvements for our customers and increase our global fuel efficiency lead,” Lutz added.