Trump Administration Pushes Back Against California’s Top Engineer’s Claim that Trump Is Not on Earth

The administration of President Donald Trump is pushing back against the state’s top engineer for saying that the president is not on Earth.

Trump signed a presidential memorandum last week that rescinds the federal Climate Action Plan, an Obama-era climate initiative that aims to limit global warming.

The memorandum, which will affect nearly 100 states, has triggered protests and a backlash from environmental groups, who say the president has not lived up to the climate pledge he made as a candidate.

The move comes as Trump continues to attack California Gov.

Jerry Brown over the state cap and trade program, calling it a “massive subsidy to polluters.”

Brown, who is seeking re-election, has been one of the president’s most outspoken critics.

“We will not let the Trump administration’s climate-denying policies, which undermine the sovereignty of the state, be in the way of the people’s economic prosperity,” Brown said in a statement.

“Californians deserve to know that we are taking action to protect their prosperity and our planet.”

The move to rescind the climate action plan came a day after Brown called on Trump to resign.