How to avoid the deadly car bombs that hit Jerusalem

Jerusalem’s most-coveted shopping center is on edge after an explosion and fire rocked the mall.

The fire erupted Tuesday at a gas station in the heart of the Old City, destroying the building.

Firefighters put out the blaze at around 5:30 p.m., but it was not immediately clear if anyone was hurt in the explosion.

Jerusalem police said they were searching for a suspect.

No one was immediately available for comment on the cause of the blaze.

It was the second blast to hit the shopping center, which is situated just across the street from the al-Aqsa mosque compound.

In 2015, a suicide bomber blew himself up near the center’s main entrance.

The blast sent shrapnel flying through the building and tore the entrance off the facade, a police spokesman said.

In November, a truck bomb ripped through a bus station on a busy street in Jerusalem’s Old City that was packed with tourists and tourists shopping in Jerusalem.

No one was killed in that attack, but at least 20 people were wounded, police said.

The truck bomb also targeted a bus carrying Israeli tourists in the same area.

The Old City is the capital of Israel and is the holiest site for Jews, Muslims and Christians.

In 2014, a deadly car bomb targeted a Jewish neighborhood of the city.

No casualties were reported.

The car bomb killed a total of 27 people and wounded dozens more.

The New York-based Council on American-Islamic Relations called the blast a “horrific attack.”

In a statement, CAIR said the blast was a reminder of the need to take precautionary measures, including limiting travel, using hand sanitizer, and avoiding the area around the Old Market.