Why you should stop using Windows 10 and adopt Microsoft Edge, Microsoft’s Edge browser

Posted October 11, 2018 11:30:00 When Microsoft announced Edge, it said it was the fastest and most secure web browser on the planet.

That was back in March.

Since then, the company has rolled out some of its most ambitious web experiences ever, including the introduction of Cortana, a virtual assistant that can search, speak, and play music for you.

Windows 10 is now officially rolling out to Edge.

Here are the best Edge experiences to help you get started.

First, how does it work?

Microsoft Edge is the default browser on PCs running Windows 10.

You can set up Edge to work as your default browser with a couple of steps: 1.

Select the default Windows 10 desktop.

The desktop will appear in the list of Windows apps and programs.


Click on the “Start” button.


Click the “Search” tab.


Click “Default search engine” (or any search engine you want) and then click “OK.”

If you don’t want to use a search engine, click “Change default search engine.”


If you want to change to another search engine and still see the default desktop, you can do so by clicking “Start search engine selection” and then clicking “Change search engine to another.”

For a more detailed explanation of the search engine settings, check out Microsoft’s Windows 10 Developer Blog.

If the search results do not appear, or you get a 404 error, then Microsoft Edge might not be the right search engine for you, and you can switch back to another, better search engine by clicking the “Manage” button and then selecting “OK” in the popup.

You also can use a third-party browser to access the website.

Microsoft Edge will prompt you to install the browser if you want it to use the default search engines and the web browser for the website you want, but it’s not necessary.

The default browser also works for other Windows 10 devices, such as the Surface, and even Microsoft’s Xbox One console.

The “Start Search engine selection.”


Choose a search term (or “query” if you’re using Edge’s default engine) and click “Ok.”


The browser will start automatically, and will open the website and search results as if they were coming from Microsoft Edge.


You’ll see an updated search result page in Edge’s browser.

The search engine has been tweaked to take into account the fact that Microsoft Edge’s search engine results are actually from the same Microsoft Edge browser you used to browse the web.

The Bing search engine is an example of a search provider that might be able to help with Edge’s security.

For more information, see Microsoft’s Bing Security and Privacy Guide.

How do I switch to Microsoft Edge?

To switch to the Microsoft Edge default browser, open the Start menu, and select “My Computer.”

Navigate to the “My Documents” folder.

Open the “Internet Explorer” folder in the same folder.

Navigate into the “Local Files” folder, and open “Microsoft Edge” under “My Sites.”

This will open Microsoft Edge in a new tab.

Click Windows Key + X to bring up the Windows key.

Select “Internet Options” and click the “Advanced” button at the top.

Under “Internet Preferences,” click “General” and select the “Privacy” tab at the bottom.

Click Advanced Settings.

Navigate to the section labeled “Use this browser” and enable it.

Navigating to the Internet Preferences page, click the Settings icon and select Privacy and Security from the dropdown menu.

Navie to the bottom of the Privacy and security section and click Save.

To switch back, click Start and select OK from the menu.

Windows and Windows 10 Edge should now open in the default web browser you selected.

You should now be able open the Edge website, as well as search the web for a specific query or website, and see results on Microsoft Edge as if you were in Microsoft Edge and using the same browser.

Note: You can also switch back and forth between the Windows and Microsoft Edge browsers in Windows 10 by clicking on the Windows Start button in the top left corner of the Start screen.