Google and Google Earth are getting into genetic engineering

FOX NEWS — Google and Google earth are getting in genetic engineering, according to sources familiar with the matter.

The news comes as Google and Apple prepare to unveil their next generation of iPhones.

Sources say Google’s new project is to leverage its massive data sets to generate new and novel ways of understanding the human genome and to create software that can help doctors and researchers better understand how to treat diseases and conditions.

Google has been working on this effort for a number of years and has partnered with a number different companies to help build out the technology, including Bioinformatics Corporation, the company that makes the software used by Google.

Bioinformatic has partnered to build a suite of tools that can analyze and visualize the genomes of organisms and is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2018.

The company has also partnered with biotechnology company BioLogic to help develop new tools for analyzing the genomes and helping doctors understand how genes work.

Genetic engineering involves using artificial intelligence and computational biology to develop artificial systems that can predict and modify genetic code, which is the code that governs all of the things that make up life on Earth.

This technology has the potential to make humans smarter, but it also has the power to create diseases and other problems that plague the human species.

According to sources, Google and Bioinformics are working on a new program that will combine the power of computer vision, machine learning and genetic engineering to create a new type of technology that is a part of the DNA of humans.

There is no timeline for when the program will be ready.

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