Arsenal FC 1-0 Juventus: Jack Small Engines, Masters Engineering

JERSEY CITY, New Jersey — Arsenal FC 1 v Juventus: Small Enginers, Masters Engineer on display at the Emirates Stadium.

With all of their star players on the field, it’s easy to forget just how well the Gunners are doing.

Arsenal have scored 15 goals in the past two matches and are currently unbeaten in the league at 12-0-3.

The Blues are unbeaten in their last six matches against Juventus, winning all four. 

JOE ROSS/Getty Images Injuries have been a concern for Arsenal as they struggle to find consistency at left-back, but that hasn’t stopped them scoring a lot of goals. 

Against Juventus, Arsenal scored the first of two goals in three minutes to give the hosts a 2-1 lead.

Then in the 59th minute, Jack Small Engine scored his third goal of the season, bringing the total to five.

The Frenchman is a big reason Arsenal are unbeaten against Juventus this season.

He’s also the best in-form defender in the squad, with his pace and creativity helping Arsenal to dominate the match.

In the first half, Juventus were dominating possession and were leading 2-0 at the break.

But a late break gave Juventus the chance to get back into the match, and they scored a third goal in a 5-0 thrashing.

Juventus are now unbeaten in eight league matches, having won six and drawn three.