How to convert your old car to a Toyota 2.0L engine

With the advent of turbocharged engines, there’s no reason to buy a new car that you don’t love, so here’s a guide to converting your old Corvette engine to a 2.5L engine.1.

Find a Corvette that looks like it was originally equipped with a 2-liter V8.

For example, a 2004 Corvette Z06, or a 2012 Corvette Stingray with an optional 6.5-liter engine.2.

Start by connecting a small-block Chevy or Dodge turbocharger to a 3.5:1 compression ratio.

This will give you a 3,200-hp boost.3.

Next, plug the Corvette into an LS1 intercooler, which will run your engine’s valves.4.

Next comes the intercoolers.

To avoid knocking parts off, the intercoms are mounted inside the firewall, behind the front bumper.5.

Connect the exhaust to the LS1, then to the turbochargers, and finally the interchargers to the engine.6.

The LS1 will spin at about 1,800 rpm.

You can boost this by adjusting the camshaft timing.7.

To stop the engine, pull the transmission back until the clutch engages.

This may sound complicated, but it’s simple once you understand how to do it.8.

The exhaust pipe should look like a normal Corvette, but with a slightly raised side for the LS engine, and a shorter one for the interwell.9.

Put the engine back in the car and attach the interconnects.10.

Plug in the interclutch and throttle cables.11.

Turn the engine on.

If you’re lucky, you may hear the car start.12.

The engine should spin up and run.

But if you hear the engine start, it’s time to get the engine rebuilt.

The best way to do this is to remove the stock exhaust and replace it with a factory muffler.

Make sure the new muffler is properly mounted in the engine bay and the new camshade is centered in the exhaust.13.

Install a new cam lobe, and you should hear the sound of the engine in a few seconds.14.

Check the interwebs for more information on what you need to do to convert a Corvette engine into a 2,5L.