How to save $1,000 a month on your computer tech salary

You may have heard that tech salaries are going up, but how much do you actually know about the tech industry?

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Here’s a rundown of the salaries that you should be aware of. 1.

Software engineer salaries in the U.S.

The average U. S. software engineer salary is $81,900 per year.

While this is a good starting point for salary estimates, it is not an exact science.

A computer science major may be earning $110,000 in salary and bonuses in 2017.

A software engineer in the Bay Area is expected to earn about $92,000 annually, and the San Francisco Bay Area software engineer is expected, at about $120,000.

The median salary for software engineers is $94,000, according to PayScale.

PayScale also offers an in-depth analysis of software engineering salaries.


Computer software engineer salaries across the globeThe median salary across the world for computer software engineers worldwide is $86,000 per year, according the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The average salary for computer developers across the U., U.K., France, Canada, Spain, Germany, and Italy is all over $90,000 an year.


Software engineering salaries in AustraliaThe median Australian salary is roughly $85,000 for a computer software engineer.

This is more than double the median for software developers in other developed nations.


Software engineers in CanadaThe median Canadian salary is around $80,000 and the median salary in the country is $87,000 ($80,600 to $90.000).

The median Canadian software engineer earns around $97,000 to $100,000 every year.


Software Engineer salaries in Canada for 2018There is no single national average for software engineer wages in Canada.

The Canadian average for salary is slightly higher than the U-S.

median of $80.600 per year (U.S.) and slightly lower than the median of the U.-K.K.A. median for Canada is $88,500.

This difference in average salaries between Canada and the U States is due to differences in tax and business laws.


Software software engineer pay in GermanyThe median German software software engineer Salary in Germany is $89,500 per year according to The Economist.


Software Software engineer pay across EuropeThe median EU salary for a software engineer will be around $95,000 (or $96,000 if you are a freelancer) per year in 2018 according to


Software Engineering salaries in JapanThe median Japanese salary is almost $90K per year for a Software Software Engineer.


Software Engineers in the PhilippinesThe median Filipino software engineer’s salary is about $89K per Year.


Software developers in the NetherlandsThe median Dutch software engineer receives around $100K annually in salary, according in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.


Software Developers in the UKSoftware software developers are often paid less than software engineers in other countries.

The UK has the lowest median salary at $71,200 per year with an average of $83,600.


Software Developer salaries in IndiaSoftware developers in India are expected to make an average salary of $87K per annum according to India.


Software developer salaries across EuropeSoftware developers across Europe are typically paid slightly less than the global average of around $98K per worker.

The EU average for a developer salary is approximately $93,500, according a recent survey from, while the average for an employee salary is just under $94K per employee.


Software programmers in FranceSoftware programmers are often working from home or on a flexible schedule.

This salary is much lower than that of other countries, and it is a reflection of the European Union’s lack of flexibility.


Software development salaries in IrelandSoftware developers are expected in Ireland to earn between $80K and $95K per full-time employee per year and around $90k per employee per 12-month period.


Software Development salaries across FranceSoftware developers make a much lower salary than in other EU countries, according PayScale’s data.


Software coders in ItalySoftware coders are often earning much more than their counterparts in other European countries.

Software Coders in Germany, Spain and Italy are expected on average to earn $94.4k per year per employee, according 18.

Software Technology Jobs in Japan The median Japanese software technology jobs are around $94k per person per year compared to the U-$88K per person average for US software developers.


Software technology jobs across IndiaSoftware tech jobs across the country are expected around $89k per worker per year due to the fact that Japanese companies pay the highest salaries.


Software tech jobs in SingaporeThe median Singaporean salary is higher than that in the United States.


Software jobs in IndiaThe median India salary is less