How to get your smartphone to drive an oil rig

What if you could drive an entire oil rig with your smartphone?

That would be an impressive feat.

And now, there’s a patent from the folks behind the idea.

In the patent, the company claims that a smartphone could take over the steering wheel, seat, pedals and even the pedals of a rig using a computer system.

The idea is to allow users to operate the rig remotely.

The invention describes a way to take over an oil platform with an iPhone.

The company claims to have a smartphone that can operate the rigs controls, sensors and even control the computer system itself.

In a way, it can be similar to how a car works, but without the car.

The company says that the smartphone can be used for remote driving of a truck, a boat, or even a truck for hire.

It also notes that the device could be used to control a rig remotely without using a smartphone.

The patent suggests a number of uses for the invention.

For example, the patent states that the iPhone could be connected to a remote control for a vehicle, and the smartphone could also be used in a truck to control it remotely.

It also notes the possibility of an iPhone app that could help users operate the vehicle remotely and navigate the rig.

The app could include a steering wheel control, navigation buttons, and a phone app.

There are also some other interesting applications for the iPhone in the patent.

One of them is a system that can use a smartphone to track a rig.

This would be useful in a number, including oil fields, oil refineries, and even oil fields.

The concept of controlling a rig with a smartphone is not new, but the way that this patent is being proposed would be a little new for the industry.

It would not be uncommon for smartphone apps to include navigation and steering features.

In addition to the rig control patent, Apple is also planning to release a smartphone app that would allow users of smartphones to control rigs remotely.

This could potentially be a way for oil and gas companies to be able to automate their drilling operations.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office will review the patent in the coming weeks.

The Apple Watch could also make it easier for rig operators to operate rigs remotely using their iPhones.