‘Dogpile’ search engine could be the next big thing

A startup with a strong focus on the mobile app market is making a big splash by trying to change the way the internet is accessed.

The ‘DogPile’ service aims to solve a problem that has plagued many search engines for years.

With millions of mobile devices on the planet, many people are left without the ability to search the web without needing to know how to find a specific website.

The app works by displaying a search box with the name of a website and the number of results that will come up if the user searches that name.

In theory, users can then type in the address of the site and a search engine will return results for it.

But the problem is that it’s very difficult to get your hands on a smartphone or tablet and use it as a search tool.

So, many search services rely on third-party apps like Google, Bing and Yahoo, to do their work for them.

But Google has recently been forced to remove all of its apps from the Play Store, due to the way it works with third-parties.

Google is not the only company to be struggling to find alternatives to its Android mobile operating system.

Apple has also been forced into the same position, with many users having their data and apps stolen and the company shutting down its apps entirely.

It’s a problem many companies are struggling with as well.

While Apple has its own app store, which allows users to purchase apps, Amazon and Google are unable to compete on price and quality.

Google has said it will soon roll out a new app store to compete with Apple and other rivals.