BBC Sport reveals the next generation of BBC sports apps – including interactive sports and live scores

The BBC Sport app has been updated with a revamped interface and will be available on mobile devices.

The BBC sports app has a revamped design, with new features such as live scores and interactive sports.

BBC Sport’s app is available on desktop, Android and iOS.

BBC Sports app: BBC Sport apps on mobile BBC Sport will be the first sports app to offer a comprehensive selection of live scores, including live scores from major sporting events, along with video highlights and the BBC Sport homepage.

BBC’s live scores can also be viewed by selecting the BBC Sports homepage or by searching for a sports event from the home screen.

BBC will be launching a sports app for Android on the same day as the BBC app.

BBC sport on Android: BBC sports on Android will be launched on the Android platform on November 8.

BBC sports will be free to download on Android but will require a paid subscription to watch.

BBC news, BBC sport and BBC Sport Live will be accessible through the BBC News app on Android.

BBC News: BBC News will be coming to Android soon with the launch of the BBC news app on November 7.

BBC is bringing the BBC’s news, sport and interactive content to the Android device with the new BBC News Android app.

News, sport, interactive, BBC News are all available in the BBC apps.

BBC apps will also be available for Android phones, tablets and smartphones.

BBC Interactive: BBC Interactive will be arriving on Android on November 9.

BBC interactive will include interactive video, news, video and sport.

BBC app: the BBC Interactive app will be released on November 6.

BBC, BBC Sport and BBC News apps: BBC interactive, the BBC, Sport and interactive will all be available to download from the BBC website on November 1.