New engine, engine,engineer working on new project

Posted October 25, 2019 14:00:32A company that specialises in developing advanced engines is working on a new project in the area of engine integration.

The engine engine is being developed by an engine engineering company called Engine Engineering Group (EIG), which is based in New Zealand.

The company was formed to develop a new engine for the Australian military, and the engine would be able to power an Australian warship.

The first stage of the project involves the development of a prototype engine.

The project would involve using a new, highly-efficient, lightweight, lightweight composite composite fuel tank and a fuel-air system to deliver the fuel.

The new fuel system would also include a turbine to generate thrust.

The project is currently in the early stages, with the company saying the project is still in its early stages.

“Engine Engineering Group is in the process of developing a new lightweight composite fuel-engine that will be able deliver a significantly higher thrust than the current fuel-injected engine on the Australian Navy,” the company said in a statement.

The team behind the engine has also been working on other projects.

The Australian Defense Force is looking to use the engine for its advanced jet fighters, which are designed to be able take off from warships.

The engines would be used for the stealthy aircraft, or to provide lift to ships.

A similar engine has been developed for the New Zealand Defence Force, and is being used to power the country’s submarines.