Microsoft says its new Outlook email app is a ‘more streamlined’ alternative to Outlook 2017

Microsoft is launching an email app for iOS and Android that is more streamlined than its predecessor, Outlook 2017, but it will have some shortcomings.

The company announced today that Outlook 2016 will no longer be available as an email client for iOS or Android.

The new app will be called “Outlook,” and it will be available on the Apple App Store and Google Play for iOS, and on the Android Market.

It will also work on both Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.

Microsoft says the new app is built to be more streamlined and less cluttered than its former rival, Outlook.

It’s designed to be used in a “simple and intuitive” way.

The apps main purpose is to provide a more efficient way to receive and manage emails.

The company says that in Outlook 2016 it was “very difficult” to organize and manage email.

It said this is a problem with because of its bloated design.

It says that the new Outlook app is designed to make it easier to manage and organize your email and other messages, and to be easy to access.

Microsoft will add a “new email manager” to the app called “Mail” to make the apps tasks a little easier.

The Mail app will allow users to manage email, add notes, view and delete messages, view your most recent messages, read or reply to emails, and manage other apps such as contacts.

The “new Outlook email manager,” which is called Mail, will allow you to manage your inbox and other important email services.

The redesigned Outlook app will offer “more streamlined and easier-to-use experience,” according to the company.

It also adds a “more efficient” email manager called “Reply,” which will help you respond to and reply to messages more efficiently.

Microsoft said that this new app “removes the clutter” of Outlook and replaces it with a “slower, simpler, more efficient, more personal, and more engaging email experience.”

It says it is also changing the look and feel of Outlook, but the changes won’t affect the way people use Outlook.

Microsoft is also rolling out the “Mail and Calendar” feature to the new application.

The feature will allow people to “take notes, organize your inbox, and quickly find relevant contacts and calendar events” and to “sign in, create a new message, and reply.”

The Mail and Calendar feature will be supported on Apple TV, Xbox One, Amazon Fire, and Roku.

Microsoft said the feature is “coming soon” on Windows 10 PCs and tablets.

Microsoft’s Outlook email client has been around since 2013, but some users complained that the apps interface was a bit too cluttered.

Users also complained that it didn’t support sending or receiving attachments, which made it harder to manage their email.