The search engine giant is launching an internship program for engineers who design and engineer small engines.

Google has announced an internship initiative for engineers in its engineering departments.

The company has hired 3,500 engineers from the Engineering Internship Program (EIP), which has been in existence since 2009.

Google will fund the program for up to one year and offer the internships for students from the engineering departments at its global headquarters.

Internship programs in the UK are usually designed to give students an opportunity to study abroad or work in a particular area of the company, and are available to students aged between 18 and 29.

According to Google, the EIP is one of the largest internships program in the world and it’s the first such program in Europe.

“Internships in our engineering departments are key to driving innovation, making important decisions, and building strong partnerships,” the company said.

“This initiative helps young engineers in our global headquarters build on their engineering knowledge and work in their own right.”

The program aims to train up to 20,000 engineers from engineering departments across the world.

Google has been investing heavily in engineering since the Google founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, founded the company in 2002.

The Google logo is seen at its headquarters in Mountain View, California in this July 14, 2017 file photo.

Google recently announced it would invest $1.6 billion into artificial intelligence and machine learning research.